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Hitachi Infrastructure Systems (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

The SPAROTOR ACE is an aerator that also works for anaerobic agitation.


The SPAROTOR ACE is a high-efficiency aerator and agitator that can perform aerobic and anaerobic operation with just one unit. The simple valve controls can perform appropriate aeration operations while maintaining agitation force.


  1. Easy operation when first put into service
  2. Improved nitrogen removal rate
  3. Can be applied to diverse applications

(in-house comparison)

System & device summary

The SPAROTOR ACE is a screw-type high-efficiency aerator that makes maintenance work easy. The air control valve makes it possible to do aerobic or anaerobic operations just by opening or closing the valve.

Photograph: SPAROTOR ACE

Photograph: structure

Diagram Image: Aeration & agitation status
Aeration & agitation status

Fields of application

  • Small-scale treatment facilities