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Hitachi Infrastructure Systems (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

This is a compact and economical sewage treatment system.


Aeration, agitation, sedimentation, and draining processes are repeated in batch-type treatment tanks (2 tanks, 1 line). The system is compact, conserves energy, conserves space, and is suitable for small- to medium-scale sewage treatment plants.


  1. Conserves space, economical
  2. Low running costs
  3. Easy operation and maintenance management
  4. Secures a stable supply of good-quality treated water
  5. High nitrogen & phosphorus removal rate
  6. Easy to take initial countermeasures

(in-house comparison)

System & device summary

After the sand, debris, etc. are removed from the waste water inflow in the pre-treatment phase, the pump sends the waste water to the waste water measuring tank (distribution tank). Next, the waste water measuring tank sends the waste water to the respective batch tanks according to the established treatment cycle. When the waste water is aerated and agitated in batch tank 1, it is sedimented and drained in another batch tank 2, creating a continuous series of treatment. After the waste water is sterilized in the sterilization tank, it flows out. Also, the extra sludge is extracted from the batch tanks and is sent to the sludge treatment process.

Image: System Flow
System Flow

Fields of application

  • Small-scale treatment facilities