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Hitachi Infrastructure Systems (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

This can be used for manufacturing water in the semiconductor and precision machinery industries, as well as in food plants.


The pure water manufacturing unit contains reverse osmosis devices and mixed-bed ion exchange towers and treats tap water and pre-treated industrial water, etc. for electrolytes, colloidal components, low-molecular weight organic matter, and polymer organic matter in the supplied water.
This device is used as a device for removing low-concentration ions from industrial water in the semiconductor or precision machinery industry, or for water used in manufacturing soft drinks.


  1. Can provide a stable supply of pure water
    We use a streamlined reverse-osmosis membrane process, which can constantly provide a stable supply of water.
  2. The system can be fully automated.
    The system can be fully automated, and operation is easy.
  3. Conserves space
    The device's compact size means that it can be installed in a small area.

(in-house comparison)

System & device summary

Photograph: Multi-stage RO unit
Multi-stage RO unit

Photograph: Pure water pre-treatment device
Pure water pre-treatment device

Photograph: Ion exchange tower(for electronics/semiconductors)
Ion exchange tower
(for electronics/semiconductors)

Photograph: Ion exchange tower(for soft drinks)
Ion exchange tower
(for soft drinks)

Image: Device flow illustration
Flow example, pure water manufacturing device for soft drinks


  • Semiconductor industry
  • Precision machinery industry
  • Food industry