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Hitachi Infrastructure Systems (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Our ultrapure water manufacturing system supports the fine electronics era.


The washing water used in semiconductor manufacturing processes starts as pure water that was created by a pure water manufacturing device, and then must be further purified into ultrapure water. This is not just to raise the specific resistance; the fine particles, viable organisms, TOC, and other impurities must be removed. This ultrapure water manufacturing unit not only removes these impurities, but has been designed so that it doesn't create these impurities in the unit.


  1. Can supply high-purity, ultrapure water
    The system uses a high-performance 2-stage RO system, UV oxidation device, ultrafiltration device (UF module), etc., and can supply highly reliable ultrapure water.
  2. Quick launch when operation starts
    Washing devices in our plants wash equipment and pipe material with ultrapure water, the materials undergo a strict inspection, and are then assembled, so the time needed until operation starts can be shortened.
  3. Systematizes the period from pre-treatment to waste water recovery
    We can flexibly respond to the conditions for ultrapure water, such as application, raw water quality, and surrounding environment.
  4. Enhanced water quality analysis and maintenance system
    Our Matsudo R&D center is equipped with high-level water quality analysis equipment. We can also provide specialized engineers to provide accurate, timely, quick maintenance services.

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System & device summary

Image: Flow chart and photograph


  • Semiconductor industry
  • Precision machinery industry