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Hitachi Infrastructure Systems (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

We have developed a space-saving practical biological treatment system for highly concentrated ammonia.


Based on the technology we cultivated in our low-concentration nitrogen treatment systems, we have developed a space-saving practical waste water treatment system for removing highly concentrated nitrogen that identifies highly concentrated ammonia-resistant bacteria and uses supports to inclusively immobilize the bacteria.


  1. Secures high treatment performance
    Highly concentrated ammonia-resistant bacteria (AH bacteria) and low-concentration ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AL bacteria) are included in the inclusive immobilizing supports, and these are put into the multiple-stage water tanks.
  2. Conserves space
    Treatment is efficient, so this system only uses about 1/4-1/5 of the space that traditional nitrification tanks need for installation.

(in-house comparison)

System Overview

Image: System Schematic

Nitrification characteristics of highly concentrated resistant bacteria

Image: Nitrification characteristics of highly concentrated bacteria

Summary of inclusive immobilizing supports

Image: Summary of inclusive immobilization support


  • Industrial wastewater treatment