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Hitachi Infrastructure Systems (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

These are package-type drinking water treatment devices that reduce transportation and installation work.


These drinking water treatment devices are compact, use large-scale drinking water treatment systems (flocculation, sedimentation, sand filtration), and can easily supply drinking water through automatic operation.


  1. Uses the same treatment systems as large-scale drinking water treatment plants to provide a stable supply of good-quality water
  2. Easy and automatic operation
  3. Compact design conserves space
  4. Unitized for less transportation and installation work

(in-house comparison)

System Flow

After chemicals are mixed in a mixer, they pass into the floc formation tank and sedimentation tank, and rapid filtration occurs in the filtration tank.

Image: System Flow
System Flow

System & device summary

The system is unitized in the plant, so there is less transportation and installation work, and construction time is shorter.

Photograph: All-inclusive package-type drinking water treatment device(100 m³ /day)
All-inclusive package-type drinking water treatment device
(100 m³ /day)

Photograph: Inside sedimentation tank
Inside sedimentation tank

Photograph: Chemical injection unit
Chemical injection unit

Fields of application

  • Simple water-supply system
  • Recreational facilities, etc.